A commercial ice machine is a necessity for many organisations (such as those that provide food and beverage services) to operate daily. If your company is one of these, you will eventually need to decide whether to acquire an ice maker for the first time or to replace an outdated model. You can also get a commercial ice machine rental from Ice Machine Clearance in NYC. There are, however, a few essential facts you should be aware of concerning them before making this significant investment. Here are a few things to think about before buying or renting a commercial ice maker. 

Investing In An Ice Maker That Cannot Supply You With Enough Ice

Make sure to choose a model that will suit your company’s capacity requirements when looking for a new ice maker. However, you should refrain from purchasing an ice maker that is too big for your requirements because it will likely result in other inefficiencies and higher water and electricity costs.

Calculate the precise production that your company needs before adding 20% as a buffer as you compare several ice makers. click here for additional details on selecting the appropriate ice maker size for your commercial enterprise. 

Purchasing An Ice Maker That Is Not Suitable With Your Plumbing

You must pick an ice maker that works with the infrastructure already in place at your company because they need a steady supply of water. Failing to do so may result in undersized cubes, faulty inlet valves, or a failing grade from your local health inspector. Moreover, you should put your ice maker close to a floor drain so that it can catch any extra water. Check your local construction codes to find out more about where to put a floor drain and how to connect one to your plumbing. 

Choosing the Improper Kind of Ice Machine

To generate enough ice during busy shifts, you must get the appropriate kind of commercial ice machine for your company. Modular, under-counter, and countertop ice producers are the three basic categories.

Portable Ice Makers: Modular ice makers, also known as ice machine heads, are intended to be placed atop ice machine bins, which are available for separate purchase. For large food services like cafeterias or enterprises that are packing ice in ice bags for retail sale, modular ice machines, which can produce between 250 and 1,000 lbs. of ice per day, make sense.

Ice Makers That Are Concealed: Ice makers with storage bins built in are called under-counter ice makers. An counter space ice maker machine is an excellent option for bars, restaurants, and hotels because these units are made to fit under typical 40″ worktops and can create about 350 lbs. of ice each day.

Ice Makers For The Counter: For smaller enterprises that lack the necessary floor space for larger versions, countertop ice makers are ideal because they are made to sit on your worktops. Most of them have a tiny ice bin and can also dispense water. These machines work well in restaurants, bars, and cafes because they can create up to 400 lbs of ice every day.

Final Words

A crucial component of your restaurant’s beverage service is choosing the ideal ice maker. It’s crucial to comprehend the options given the range of possible styles and setups. The excellent product for your company, to be exact. You can ensure that the ice maker you pick is of great quality and will last your company for many years by avoiding these common mistakes people make when buying them. You can contact Ice Machine Clearance for ice cream machine rental in NYC. Here you can get your machine effortlessly at an affordable price.