Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic are just a few well-known brands in the commercial ice manufacturing industry, providing an assortment of powerful and easy-to-use ice machines capable of offering every sort of ice required by your facility. 

Scotsman is one of the world’s top manufacturers of commercial ice makers, with over decades of experience in the industry. After being the first to introduce chewable ice in 1981, the firm has grown to provide a comprehensive lineup of robust commercial ice makers to meet a diverse variety of needs and applications.

Many factors must be brought into consideration when purchasing an ice machine, including the sort of ice you would like to have for your belongings, how much ice your business is probably going to use, and indeed the machine’s storage capacity. 

Some of the essential varieties of Scotsman ice machines have been split down for your convenience so that you can better understand what you’re looking at and what suits you best for your establishments.

Scotsman also contributes an Ice Machine Sizing & Selector tool that will assist you in narrowing down your choices even more. It analyses the primary use, ice type, maximum width available, location of the unit, and projected ice use. It takes all of this into crucial consideration before making any recommendations.


There is no better option than cubes, which comes in usage in practically every facility. In addition to serving as ice for mixed drinks and salad bars, they may also serve as ice for other purposes, as per the manufacturer guidelines. 

When selecting a Scotsman cuber, you will often have the option of choosing between a small cube and a medium cube. When it comes to cooling down beverages, the smaller cube is better and cools liquid faster and melts more slowly. Even though both might be employed for a broader range of applications if required. 

Small cubes would be the preferred option by restaurants and other establishments wanting to save money on drinks since, in the vessels, they can be packed more compactly. It’s best to use the medium cube when making mixed cocktails or other beverages that won’t get diluted immediately.

This undercounter cuber from Scotsman has a 313-pound output capacity as well as a 110-pound storage bin, making it a terrific option when you’re searching for a decent cuber that’s not only energy-efficient but also durable in nature. When compared to conventional cube ice makers, Prodigy ice machines use much less hydropower. 

In fact, they surpass federal energy efficiency rules by up to 15%. Additionally, they have an AutoAlert control panel that notifies you of the machine’s operational state and when it’s period to descale, disinfect, and conduct other maintenance tasks.


What if I told you something you already knew? It was really Scotsman who, following the 1980s, came up with the idea for chewable ice (also known as nugget ice) 

Using nuggets instead of cubes may save you extra cash on your drink syrup since it displaces more liquid than other varieties of ice. Furthermore, as the name implies, it is chewable, which consumers find to be quite appealing.

With the Scotsman Prodigy nugget-style ice machine, you can quench all of your business ice cravings while utilising cutting-edge technology. Prodigy Plus nugget ice machines are the perfect option for today’s highly competitive foodservice settings since they are outfitted with marvellous features such as AutoAlert indication lights, a minimal operating footprint, and an easy front panel access servicing.

Interior surfaces are protected by an antimicrobial barrier between cleanings, together with the QR code, which is unique to this industry, enabling you to hook up to your device’s various types of services and warrant information in seconds, saving you time.


It is ideal for use in situations when you require ice that melts more slowly, such as fruit displays or buffets. Due to the ease with which flake ice may be made, it is often used for exhibition reasons, such as in fish markets and butcher’s cases, to make things cool and fresh. Flake ice can effortlessly be produced around humans, making it popular in the fitness and rehabilitation industries for its usage as “ice packs” and wraps to keep people cool during workouts and rehabilitation sessions.

Ice & Water Dispensers

In addition to being stand-alone equipment, Scotsman’s ice and water dispensers are an excellent addition to a standard ice machine’s functionality.