An ice-maker machine is a device that is used by ice cream companies to produce ice. Ice cream is a sweet dessert that is truly loved by everyone. The best commercial ice maker for the company is more crucial than you think. Most smaller companies should spend on ice machines as assets, so selecting the best one is a big deal.  It is vital to think about your different demands. The incorrect ice machine for your company can be just as damaging. Today’s topic blog is “Raising Happy Hour Revenue: Choosing the Best Commercial Ice Machine”. Without wasting much more time. Let us start.

When looking for an ice machine rental company, it is the first thing you should think about. You will need to purchase something of higher quality if you have little space but a huge ice need. Choose if your ice maker will be located outside on the ground, covered in a counter, or attached to a soda fountain. A flexible ice maker was added to some fountains but not others.

Type of Compressor

Modern ice machine rental companies that are the most advanced use an air-cooled compressed air system. It enables them to produce ice using only the use of filtered water and energy. It can be installed anywhere and work in most conditions. Mostly, in situations when the use of air cooling is not an option, water and remote-cooled systems must be considered. High air temperatures or surroundings containing a lot of impurities, such as grease, may produce this. These two machines need extra service and cooling systems to work effectively.

Production Quantity

The most important thing, after size, is the necessary number of ice cubes. A 200-pound machine can only produce 300 pound of ice every day if you really must. Larger machines can make more than 1000 pound per day, but most commercial ice makers produce around 200 and 400 pound every day. Consider that purchasing two ice makers with lower production rates can be more cost-effective than buying one with a higher rate of production. It will help ice machine rental companies to generate more revenue during happy hour.


When buying an ice machine, rental companies improve flexibility. The costs do not stop with the purchase price. Buying a new or used ice cube machine indicates you are responsible for paying for this service. Ice machines require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep within local safety laws and stay in working order. From a business point of view, buying an ice maker is a much better option to generate daily happy hour revenue.

Ice Cubes Shapes

Knowing what type of ice cube, you require can help to find the best ice maker. Ice cubes are available in different forms, and it is not for display. The shapes of ice cubes are created to help with specific industries. It helps small children and hospital patients chew on the ice without hurting their teeth. Many commercial ice chip makers use cube let ice, which is soft and chewable.