A clean ice machine is essential for maintaining a safe ice supply. Dirt and grime may cause a filthy ice maker to overheat, decreasing ice output.

Hoshizaki KM-1340MAH ice machine cleaning involves cleansing, descaling, and sanitizing. Descaling (removing mineral deposits), disinfection (killing germs and removing debris), and sanitizing (reducing bacteria and growth buildup) keep ice equipment running well.

Descaling, disinfecting, and sanitizing Hoshizaki Ice Machine

All three steps are necessary for thoroughly cleaning of an ice maker. After descaling, disinfecting and sanitizing. There’s a distinction between “disinfect” and “sanitize.”

Descaling is a must for ice machine owners. Descaling removes limescale from an ice machine’s water circuit.

Disinfecting uses more solutions than sanitizing. This treatment removes filth, mold, and other germs. Wipe or scrape the surface to remove any leftover cleaner, then rinse.

Sanitizing guards against pollution. To destroy 99.99% of germs, use the manufacturer-recommended quantity of solution. This solution is let to air dry, giving it time to remove any impurities. Sanitize without rinsing. Sanitizing solutions like bleach are safe if the recommendations in this blog (or on the ice machine’s label) are followed.

Ice Maker Cleaner Dilution Rates

Mixing bleach with other cleansers is dangerous. The mixture may generate poisonous vapors that damage surrounding persons.

Because ice is food, you must use EPA-registered, food-contact bleach. Read the label to see whether your bleach qualifies.

Descaling Solution: Use a descaler solution to clear mineral deposits from the evaporator assembly, water reservoir, distribution tubes, and drop zone. Descaler should be available online.

Bleach and water mixes disinfect and sanitize. This applies to the internal and external surfaces below. The disinfecting solution must be washed off while sanitizing solution will air dry. Depending on the product, dilution rates may vary from ours, however, we provide ours to show how disinfection and sanitizing rates fluctuate.

Disinfecting Solution: Mix 6 ounces of bleach with 1 gallon of water to disinfect your Hoshizaki Air-cooled Ice Machine.

Sanitizing Solution: Use 2 tablespoons of bleach in 1-gallon water to sanitize.

Start Hoshizaki Cleaning Process Here

Start with these procedures when cleaning a used Hoshizaki ice machine:

  • Stop the ice maker.
  • Stop the ice machine’s water. A valve near the machine is ideal.
  • Access the ice machine’s inside by removing panels. How to Access Ice Maker Components has further details.
  • Reservoir empty. Consult your model’s handbook for details.
  • Replace your ice machine’s water filter as directed.

Isn’t Ice Maker “Wash” Enough?

Don’t trust a Hoshizaki Ice Maker Rental wash switch or cycle. Hoshizaki cube ice makers include a “wash” switch. Many individuals wrongly believe this wash cycle replaces professional disinfection and sanitization.

The wash function only rinses half of the food contact surfaces. Not enough rinse. Disinfect and sterilize these surfaces (and the other half of the wash cycle can’t rinse). Do not substitute the wash switch for the aforementioned thorough cleans.

What Happens to Hoshizaki Ice While I Clean It?

Before a Hoshizaki thorough clean, empty the ice bin. It’s obvious that consuming ice contaminated by cleaning chemicals is dangerous. You may have seen an expert clean an ice machine without removing the ice. Techs may do this in firms or sectors that can’t run without ice and don’t have FDA-approved ice storage processes, but it’s unusual and never suggested for non-professionals.

Non-technicians should empty the ice bin before cleaning. If you want to utilize or store the ice later, you must follow FDA restrictions.

Professional cleaning improves ice machine performance

Ice machines require expert cleaning, servicing, and repair in addition to periodic cleaning. Only a skilled Hoshizaki KM-101BAH thorough clean can remove the ubiquitous scale, let your machine work at its best, and keep your ice safe. During this session, a professional will disassemble and disinfect the ice machine.

The Ice Machine subscription service means you’ll never have to thoroughly clean your ice maker again. Our skilled Hoshizaki Ice Machine Rental technicians are detail-oriented and knowledgeable. Customers pay a reasonable monthly charge for cleanings, maintenance, repairs, and even backup ice. They pay for peace of mind and the assurance that their ice requirements will be addressed.