Soft-serve ice creams are a popular option. So, if planning to start a business, then for sure, it will boom. However, people are unaware of the benefits or the facts about the soft-serve ice cream rental in NYC. When compared to purchasing the machine, the rental service surely is a lot better option; here are the facts that you must know.

  1. A responsibility that comes with soft ice cream rental in the Bronx is transportation. Generally, the companies require you to pick up the machine and return it back to the location. Although it might seem quite simple, you have to bring in the manpower for lifting the machine, which generally can weigh around 220 pounds. Also, you must know it will not fit in a small four-door car. So, you will have to get an SUV or a van to transport the machine.
  2. Generally, the soft serve ice cream rental in Queens requires a standard 20-volt outlet which can be found in the bathroom and kitchens at home. The machines will use 16.2amps, which means if you choose to run additional appliances together with the machine, then there is a risk of short circuits. Thus, it would be helpful if you upgrade the power or have proper installation to avoid any complications with the use of the machine.
  3. Soft serve machines can get quite noisy when operating. So, if you are using it large room, then the noise can be a problem for people
  4. The soft-serve ice cream rental in New Jersey is available throughout the year. So even if you are a seasonal business owner, you will be able to find the right company that will offer you the rental service.
  5. The rental service has become so popular that hundreds of companies are coming up to fulfill the needs of the business owners and offer them the convenience of avoiding paying an upfront cost for making a purchase of the machine.
  6. When you get a soft serve ice cream machine for rent, you need not have to worry about the maintenance or the repair job as this is the responsibility of the company.
  7. Generally, a soft ice cream machine can produce about 120 servings every hour. So even if you are a large business owner, you can easily fulfill the client’s needs.
  8. Most business owners, be it cafes, restaurants, or other service providers, choose to go for a rental service as it allows them to save money.
  9. When you consider taking the rental service, then the company will clean the machine before delivery. So so there won’t be any worry about hygiene.


The advantages of ice cream machine rental for sure are many. You can simply look online for soft-serve ice cream rentals in NY to find the companies that can provide the desired service. Irrespective of your business needs, you will be able to find the perfect fit that will guarantee you can carry on with the operations and get good returns from your business.