Nowadays, most individuals are living with the weird mentality that frozen beverage machines seem so frivolous, unnecessary, and even downright annoying. But please hear me out, because I promise you’ll change your mind later.

Before proceeding let me ask you have you ever planned an outdoor event on a hot summer day? You also know it’s crazy exhausting trying to keep guests happy and cool when the outside temperature hits 60-70 degrees! Now, that’s when mostly affordable frozen beverage rentals start to sound like the sweetest idea ever to quench our thirst.

On those excruciating summer days, having one of those frozen party drink machines at your next outdoor bash would definitely transform your event from good to extra great; and here’s the reason why:

You see, first of all, “slushies” and “icees” make everything better due to their innate nature. People love preferring frozen drinks the most as it automatically boosts the fun factor of any organised party, especially during warmer months when an icy beverage is extra refreshing to us.

If you are well aware, the designs of these cold machines are so damn eye-catching that it instantly draws in crowds by themselves. Yes, it’s true having a gigantic slushie machine chugging away in a corner adds a vibrant pop of colour to your venue, making Kids flock to it plus look at those guests who will snap pictures by it, becoming the life of the party!

But frozen drinks do more than just look flashy as they provide a much-needed refreshment stop for your guests.

Being able to step away from the hustle and bustle of your life and grabbing an icy slushie is a wonderful treat during any outdoor festival anyone can experience.

It gives people a quick moment to recharge while briefing with party attendees before diving back into the festivities. Frozen treats are usually designed to trigger a Pavlovian response from humans especially on hot days. When outside temperatures soar, our brains immediately crave icy refreshments.

Not providing this at your outdoor event is practically cruel and unusual! Without a rental machine, guests would need to leave your event grounds to grab a drink-losing valuable time with your attendees. Your guests will be drooling in corners thinking of delicious slushies they could be enjoying instead, grumbling under their breath.

Go ahead and laugh, but you know I’m legit. I can practically feel the icy heaven of a snow cone and slushie machine melting down my throat already. The thing is, I realize how much initial scepticism there is around this crucial topic.

It’s a necessity to quench our thirst:

A frozen beverage station doesn’t just please your guests; it transforms their experience to an entirely new level. “But won’t it be a hassle?” you say. I admit a frozen rental isn’t completely hands-off, but the effort is immensely worth the payoff.

Most rental companies I’ve seen deliver machines on-site, set up, run everything during your event, and clean up when they leave.

A frozen beverage rental ensures your refreshments are available on-site until the event comes to an end for optimum enjoyment. Your event staff can also stay focused on the tasks that really need their attention.

Clever like-minded guests can intuitively figure out how to use the machine themselves, alleviating the demand on your staff, thus offering convenient for both sides!

All you have to do is buy cups, flavourings and ice, which according to me hardly a monumental task as your time and energy spent is small compared to the delight it brings to your guests.

Speaking of delight, a frozen treat station is a magical thing that transforms grumpy, overheating guests into gleeful, grateful ones. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes!

The Bottom Line:

I think you now get a clear idea about “Why Frozen Beverage Rental is a Must-Have for Outdoor Events and Festivals” and I come to you today not simply to sell you on an idea, but to light a heaven within. A heaven for your refreshment, for your joy, for your simple pleasures that can transform a simple gathering from mundane to magical.

Have you ever gazed up at the vast, blazing sun on a sweltering day and you or any other person longed for icy relief, felt the sweat drip down your neck and craved sweet coldness trickling down your throat and heard the laughter of children playing yet envisioned them so much happier with cool treats in hand?

These are the small miracles a frozen beverage station can bring to us; the soothing chill that spreads from our fingers to our internal spine.

So yes, offer these small wonders at your next gathering. Watch how much your guest’s faces light up, and your hands clutch cups tightly. Listen and pay much attention to the change in tone, and feel the gratitude that comes from giving such simple yet profound pleasure.

Seeing the craziness of your people chatting, and kids giggling, your spirits will lift as you never imagined. The buzz is contagious and guests will thank you profusely for providing relief from the heat.

Do it not for the sake of boosting your ego, but for your guests (kids, the elderly, the overheated souls) just wanting a moment of cold relief for that moment. The smiles, satisfaction and relief you will actually bring will be reward enough, I promise.