The numbers show how a frozen beverage program can propel your profits into the black. You’re interested in starting a Commercial Taylor frozen beverage machine rental but have no idea where to start.

Starting a frozen beverage program can seem intimidating with so many different equipment brands, beverage distributors, frozen drink machine models, and drink types. Don’t worry. Walk yourself through the following questions to ensure that you select the frozen beverage program best for your specific business.

1 What are Your Business Objectives?

Considering the goals of your business is the first step when evaluating adding a new saniserv frozen beverage machine rental. Including a frozen beverage, the station can help business owners reach various purposes, including:

  • Growing drink profits
  • Increasing overall ticket sales
  • Expanding menus
  • Boosting foot traffic
  • Competing with local firms
  • Developing audience demographics

2. What Can Your Operation Accommodate?

If your location has a fast-paced background with peak hours and long lines, it would be best to think of a potable spaceman frozen beverage machine rental with a small footprint and medium to low ability (drinks per hour). In that case, multiple high-capacity dispensers might be a better fit.

A self-serve drink station may be an efficient solution if you have a fixed number of staff on duty. Select frozen drink dispensers that are easy to use and demand from your customers. Some appliances have video doors that can play looped graphics or videos to attract and engage your audience.

3. How Much Time Do You Have For Supervision?

The quantity of time spent on care can vary depending on the drink you serve and the type of tools you use. Dairy-inclusive drink dispensers, such as milkshakes, smoothies and soft-serve appliances, need more regular cleaning than machines for slush and frozen carbonated drinks.

Electro freeze frozen beverage machine rental machines can detect system errors before they occur and help operators troubleshoot. Features like this can make servicing and washing quick and stress-free! Also, consider investing in gear with minimal cleaning tools and easily available parts.

4. How fast do you require to see a return on the asset?

Operators can see a recovery on investment in as short as six months, relying on the level of traffic and price point of each frozen drink. High-traffic enterprises, such as movie theaters, entertainment parks and fast food chains, share the quickest ROI due to their company. Use this ROI calculator to calculate how fast you can see a return on investment.

5. What is your budget?

View your total cost of ownership, including the initial equipment purchase, maintenance, beverage products (syrup or other ingredients), part replacements and operating costs. Water and utility costs are typically minimal, relying on the location/setup of your business. Fixing your budget and knowing your financing options will guide your purchasing decision.

Last Words –

Although this opportunity seems demanding to business owners joining the frozen beverage industry, the increased up charge of syrup used in this bundled method is not cost-effective unless drink sales are always high. Knowing the traffic level and retail cost of your frozen drinks will help you calculate what type and size the Commercial Taylor frozen beverage machine rental will be most profitable.