Many companies choose these water and ice dispensers. Different sectors have different ice demands. These ice makers have perks and downsides. Let’s look at why your firm may need industrial ice and water dispenser.

Water and Ice Dispenser

It’s in the name. Commercial water dispensers with ice makers are available. Some versions, like the Hoshizaki DCM-300BAH, combine the water and ice dispensers. Scotsman HD150S Ice Dispensers ice and water dispenser require a separate ice maker. Ready-to-dispense ice falls into a bin. Commercial water and ice dispensers employ a push-button or lever mechanism.

To distribute water or ice, push-button mechanisms are used. Used hotel dispensers and ice bins like the Hoshizaki DB-200H have. Lever systems feature a lever below the ice dispensing area to drop ice into glasses. The Cornelius ED-150 ice and water dispenser doesn’t need hand contact. Glassware engages the lever to discharge ice or water into the cup or glass.

Which companies use ice and water dispensers?

Low- to medium-ice-need companies with few workers benefit most from water and ice dispensers. Self-contained ice dispensers generate 100-700 lbs/day. A commercial ice and water dispenser won’t create enough ice for a big restaurant or sports bar.

These dispensers are self-service, too. Customers may grab their own water and ice from a deli or café without asking workers. Offices and wait rooms (without servers) benefit from these ice machines. While working or waiting for appointments, staff and patients might obtain ice.

Water and ice dispenser benefits

Ice and water dispensers are safe. These systems don’t need the user to scoop ice from a container and pour it into glasses, reducing the risk of hand contamination. Convenience is another perk. Restaurant and bar clients may collect as much ice as they want, as often as they want. Customers prefer to serve themselves than ask a worker for ice.

Many of these devices are countertop-sized. Small businesses may install countertop ice producers in tight spaces. You may mount these units on a stand if there’s no counter space. Hotel dispensers and ice bins, and water dispensers are hydrating all in one. Customers may get water and ice without moving between stations.

What are commercial ice and water dispenser’s cons?

As we noted previously, used ice and water dispensers are large. Large organizations that demand 1000 lbs of ice a day can’t use a single unit.

Depending on your environment, some of this equipment may need water filters. In places with hard, mineral-rich water, commercial ice makers need a phosphate filter to prevent scale. Some nugget ice dispensers, like the DCM-300, can’t utilize these filters since they can’t remove harmful phosphate from the ice supply. These models need carbon filters.

Are you still looking for a commercial ice and water dispenser?

Depending on your ice demands, these dispensers might be ideal for your company. You’ll still need to figure out the correct size ice machine and ice form for your company. To help you learn more about the finest ice machine for your company, we’ve put up a useful commercial ice machine guide. Our Ice Machine Experts specialize in sizing the ideal ice machine for every application. Contact us now if you’re seeking a premier commercial water and ice dispenser, as well as preventative maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for a reasonable monthly fee!