A deficit in the performance of your ice storage bin is the key indicator that your ice bin requires a replacement. However, there are a lot more things that one needs to inspect to identify the issues in it. Hotel dispensers and ice bins that are used commercially need to be solid and capable to insulate the supply of the ice. No matter whichever brand you are carrying including MGR MGR600 Ice Bin storage, Follett Ice Bin Stainless, Scotsman Ice Bin, or more, any damage to the bin internally or externally can cause it to leak and thus melt the ice faster. Let’s share some useful information with you so that you can make sure to identify any defects in your ice storage bin timely and avoid any hindrance to your ice supply.

1. See if there is Corrosion around Your Ice Storage Bin

The ice storage bins are usually designed in such a way that water from melted ice cannot make its way to the exterior of the ice bin. However, if it has not been installed properly the melted water may get leaked and cause corrosion or rust on the exterior of the ice machine. This corrosion will slowly damage the whole ice machine structure thus preventing the machine to insulate your ice properly.

2. Identify if there is Any External Damage

There may be instances when commercial ice machines may get external damage or cracks. These damages may prevent the machine from insulating your ice supply. However, replacement may not the only option but you can check with your ice machine service provider for the fixes.

3. Identify any Structural Damage to the Ice Bin

A few dents in the bin can be ok but in case of damages that affect the structural integrity of the ice storage bin, a replacement will be the right option for you. These damages to the structure of the bin can affect the performance while also enhancing the risk of accidents at your commercial place.

4. Cross-Check the Ice Bin Interior

If the inner foam of your ice storage bin s exposed to any sort of damage or punctures, it is best to get the machine replaced. The moisture once got space beside the inner foam, the performance of your machine will go significantly down.

5. Check the Liner Condition

The liner of the ice bin is supposed to be firmly attached to the foam insulation. A bubbling out or warped liner indicates that the moisture has found space under the liner. A separation between the insulation and the liner will not go away once induced so replacement is the right decision.

6. Is Your Ice Storage Bin Making Sound?

If your ice storage bin has started making noise, it can be a sign of a failing compressor. Although a service technician can repair the problem in case the issue is more than a repair, you may opt to get it replaced.

Hopefully, these signs will help you identify the current health of your ice storage bin and take the right decision on time without affecting your ice supply.